Content Stadium is constantly busy renewing and innovating when it comes to customer needs and usability and that’s why we would love to introduce you to four great new features: GIPHY support, video-in-the-background, Custom Content Service and Cut Out Service. Two of those we recently launched, the other two are coming up soon!


We’re excited having GIPHY support in our templates from now on. It’s as easy as it sounds: Just drag & drop animated GIF files right on top of your templates in just a few clicks. Make your templates even more interactive and sparkling with this great feature!

French Ligue 1 side Toulouse already makes use of this feature in their cool Game Fact template:

And so Dutch Eredivisie team FC Utrecht does:

2. Background-video

We’re excited to introduce you to a background-video option in animated templates. World Cup Rugby 2019 already used this in Content Stadium. Please see below a tutorial of how easy it works!

3. Cut Out Service

Our development department currently is working on a tool which will make every Content Stadium user a cut-out picture expert. Do you need a cut-out picture for your template but your Photoshop skills aren’t that well? There will be a great solution for you soon! With our upcoming Cut Out Service you’re always only a few clicks away from a perfectly cut-out picture. Please see below how it works, step-by-step.

4. Custom Content Service

Using templates limitless works for almost every occasion, but to serve our clients even better, we’re creating a service to put in requests for a custom visual, animation or video. This will be an ideal opportunity for a client in case of a single occurence or milestone that has to be shared with all of the online followers. There will be a green button somewhere in the Content Stadium lobby (right after logging in). When you click on it, you will be guided step-by-step through the request form. Once filled in, submit your request, get in contact and one of our sales representatives provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote.