Many sport organizations encounter various challenges with respect to investing in social media; this month we share with you the results of a recent survey done by Sprout Social:

The facts:

  • Ninety percent of social marketers said investing in social media has a direct effect on revenue and 71% said they provide helpful insights to teams outside of their departments, per a survey that social media marketing platform Sprout Social shared. However, 53% of C-level marketers struggle to prove the value of social media outside of their departments, with 31% struggling to secure a budget for it.
  • Eighty-nine percent of marketers use Facebook for brand marketing, ahead of Instagram (65%), Twitter (50%), YouTube (49%), Messenger (44%), LinkedIn (38%), Snapchat (28%) and Pinterest (28%). Eighty-three percent of consumers are on Facebook, and 66% said they “like” or “follow” a brand profile on the social network.
  • Live video, user-generated content and Instagram Stories are the top social trends this year, marketers said. Forty-five percent of consumers said they want to see live video from brands this year, followed by 24% who want more user-generated content and Instagram Stories. Sprout’s research is based on an online survey of 1,011 consumers and 1,018 marketers by market researcher Lucid.

What you need to know:

Despite the popularity and efficacy of social media to drive revenue, Sprout’s survey found that C-level marketers still struggle to prove the value of social media and secure budgets from their organizations. The survey demonstrates that there is room for marketers to improve their social media strategies by better understanding social media platforms and trends.

The survey found that Facebook, the biggest social network with 2.38 billion users worldwide, is still the dominant social marketing platform overall, but is less popular among younger generations. Facebook, for example, is the primary platform for Generation X (ages 40 to 54) to “like” or “follow” brands (77%), while Generation Z (ages 4 to 24) prefers Instagram (69%), the survey found.

Sprout Social’s results confirm several other surveys that found that Instagram Stories are gaining recognition among marketers. Almost half (48%) of marketers surveyed said Instagram Stories will become more important this year, Sprout found. That finding confirms Facebook’s reported results for the first three months of the year. Stories Ads grew their usage by 50% to 3 million advertisers on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in Q1 2019 from 2 million in the prior quarter, the company reported. The company began pushing Stories Ads last year to reignite ad growth.

Social media users this year are most likely to engage with social posts that are entertaining. Additionally, the survey found that social listening, the process of monitoring digital conversations to understand what customers are saying about a brand and industry online, has become more important in understanding target audiences. Almost two-thirds (63%) of marketers said social listening will become more important in the coming year, the survey found. Food-delivery service Grubhub is an example of a brand that used social listening to learn more about customers and use data from social media to inform product innovation. Grubhub saw that customers were Tweeting about having their Taco Bell delivered, leading the company to add the Mexican-food chain to its service and boost sales, per PRDaily.

Source: Robert Williams. May 2019,