Club Bruges took a leap to a more data driven communication via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Largely 25.000 fans attend their home games at Jan Breydel stadium. That is only a small part of the total fan base both at home and abroad. That is not only the case for Club Bruges, but for other football clubs as well: not all fans watch the home games of their favorite club at the stadium.

“Club Bruges facilitate the so called small talk in the pubs between the fans and provides added value for their fans online (social media).”

A good part of the fans watches the games live via one of the broadcasters Proximus or Play Sports or via VOO in Walloon. However, a much bigger part follows the game on social media. They combine it with other types of experience, such as a live game at the stadium or on live television.

Club Bruges invest in communication 

It is not difficult to praise a big football club. Everyone who knows me personally, knows that I did my youth career as football player on the green side of Jan Breydel (Cercle Bruges). I sincerely admit that Club Bruges are doing very well. They have a vision and provide resources with the aim of communicating professionally.

Club Bruges invested a lot in human capital over the past few years. In December 2011, Kirsten Willem has been recruted to be the first Conversation Manager in Belgian Football. Content marketing was emerging in Europe at that time. Meanwhile, Kirsten is Communications Manager for a while and he is surrounded with a team consisting of members with all their own specific competences. It goes without saying that not every club has the same (financial) capacity, but having a vision is not related to money. We often see clubs, such as SV Zulte Waregem, that are doing very well with their available resources and people.

Club facilitates the conversation 

Posting a match preview on the website is nothing new under the sun. Neither are head to head statistics of previous games. However, an infographic takes more time and requires more design skills.

Content Stadium’s templates include the automatic import of real-time game statistics. Thanks to this functionality, every communications member will be able to create qualitative visuals in a very efficient way. Any research, briefings or graphic design are needed to do so.

Club Bruges are able to respond in real time (in about 30 seconds) to game topics. They facilitate the small talk in the pubs between the fans and provide added value for their fans online social media. Besides of that, they use the right format according to the channel they are using. Once they finished their visual in the landscape format, they click on the button “duplicate to Instagram”, which enables to create the same visual in a square format. Inserted images, statistics and infographics are preserved. The same goes for the sponsor’s logo like EuroMillions in this case.

Aside from Club Bruges, big and small sports federations, media, leagues and brands are using Content Stadium. Feel free to contact us for a demo of the platform.