In the past few months we’ve introduced quite a lot of new features in our platform. In this article we will give some reminders of features which are handy to know when using Content Stadium.

Did you know that…

… It is possible to change your user profile? In this user profile you can change things like your password, name or email. It is also possible to enable a Two-Factor Authentification to better secure your account. You might be wondering: “How do I access this feature?” Well, Simply click on your avatar in the right upper corner and select ‘My Profile’. 

2. Emoji’s: quick access to your favorite emoji’s

We added a new tab in the emoji section. This new tab shows the last 32 emoji’s you have used recently. The tab adapts to whatever emoji you are using, which makes it easier if you have to use the same emoji’s in your posts multiple times.

3. Autocomplete Mentions for Twitter

This feature allows you to easily mention Twitter accounts in your post when you publish from Content Stadium. Simply type ‘@’ followed by the account you want to mention and there will automatically appear a list with proposed accounts.

Check out the blog to see how this works:

4. Embed & Share

Did you know that you can embed your Content Stadium created visuals on your website? Or anywhere else you like of course. We’ve also made it easier to share your creations: you can easily share a link as supposed to having to download and sending the visual by email.

Check out our previous blog to see the steps:

5. Google Translate

Did you know we’ve integrated Google Translate into our templates? We’ve ran tests with French, Spanish, German and even a Japanese client and the results have been great. Keep in mind this is Google Translate, therefore we take no responsibility for the given translations. View a quick demo video here.

We hope you enjoy these extra clarifications and … you know where to find us if you have any questions!


Team Content Stadium