During the Covid-19 crisis, a lot of sports teams and organisations face great challenges at the moment.

Therefore we at Content Stadium, started to think of a way how we could support our customers in these difficult times. We came with the idea of launching a free ‘Throwback Template’ into the account of all our customers. This template would allow them to keep on engaging with their fanbase even during these times of non-live coverage.

A month and a half later we can be proud of the initiative. First of all the credits go out to our clients for being very creative with the template using it in multiple and very creative ways. From our side we’re very happy that The reactions from the teams and federations were extremely positive, the amount of visuals created with the template were overwhelming and 65% of the clients have already used the template. We are very satisfied that we could help our customers by offering them a way to keep on engaging with their clients.

In the next part we’ll have a look at some ways the template was used. As you can see were the templates used to cover different topics. This is a combination between the multifunctionality of our template and the creativity of our customers.



A lot of customers used our Corona Throwback template to interact with their fans by asking their opinion by means of a question. You can find some examples in the clip down below.


Another way to stay in touch with the fanbase was by converting our template into a quiz question. The fans could give an answer in the comments or by commenting a certain emoji. This can be combines with visibility for sponsors for example by a giveaway, sponsored post, etc. We give some examples down below.

Favourite shirt

Asking fans which jersey was their all-time favourite. These answers could be used to decide about the game kit design next season or re-sell the winning shirt in the fanshop. We give some examples down below.

Guess the player/shirt

Engage your fans by making a small riddle they have to solve in order to find a player. This can be used in a lot of different ways. We give some examples down below.

Favourite match/ moment

Nostalgia: ask the fans about their favourite match, moment, season, memory, etc. of the club. We give some examples down below.


Let the fans predict things like the outcome of the competition, speculation about the winner of the Champions League, the players wherefor you have to watch out etc. We give some examples down below.

Poll: rewatch match

Hear the fan their voice when it comes to retransmissions. Let them for instance decide which game they want to watch. We give some examples down below.


Of course there are many other things you can do with our Corona Template. Creativity is key. Therefore we’d like to mention another blog article where we give inspiration on how to use the Corona template

Extra inspiration

The possibilities of the template are almost endless. If you’re still aching for some inspiration, have a look at our initial blog post on how to use it. Maybe there’s something cool for you?

Extra pro tip: change the background

To end this article we still have a pro tip for you: change the background of the Corona Template with your image. In this video, you can see how you can change the background of the corona template into a background that fits your style.

We hope you enjoyed it and it gave you some new ideas to fill your content calendar. Don’t hesitate to give your feedback to us about the post! Give a heads up to your Account Manager or comment on LinkedIn.