Scheduling posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is nothing new under the sun. However, Instagram was not offering that functionality yet. Via their new Instagram Graph API, it offers the possibility to schedule your posts, watch the posts you’re tagged in and see business profiles.

Scheduling and publishing content on Instagram was the most frequently asked request from our 16 million customers” says Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes.

Instagram established a cooperation with Hootsuite to elaborate this new update. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps users to manage all their social media channels in a centralized way, i.e. on one simple platform. Instagram gave the opportunity to Hootsuite to be the first to schedule Instagram posts. The expectation is that other partners will follow in offering this functionality.

Actually, Hootsuite introduced an Instagram schedule in 2015. The users were already able to prepare their messages before posting them. Subsequently they received a reminder to publish it manually. The new functionality makes this extra step superfluous.

Instagram informs that this new functionality is temporarily only available for business profiles. Common users will have to wait until the beginning of 2019. It is really easy to convert a personal account to a business one using a Facebook page.

Contrary to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Content Stadium does not allow yet posting directly on Instagram due to the fact that the latter does not permit access to extern platforms. Considering the evolution, it could be possible really soon. Our clients download their visuals or videos and upload them subsequently on their Instagram accounts.

Do you need any help or advice in converting your personal account to a business account?  Do you want to bring your Instagram strategy up to date? Don’t hesitate to contact us: Jasper Swelheim (The Netherlands), Wouter De Jonckheere (Belgium), Benjamin Blot (France) or Frank Festen (Germany).