We are delighted to announce our brand new Custom Creatives Service. With this service we can now provide you with great custom images, infographics, illustrations, motion designs & videos to support you in celebrating “the special moments in sports” with your fans. Special moments like matchday announcements, announcements of new partnerships, transfers, milestones, farewells, etc.

Why use our Custom Creatives Service? 

  • I’ts super easy. Please find below how it works.
  • We know your style-guide, so your branded content is safe with us
  • We deliver super fast, to support your tight deadlines
  • It’s super cheap, only €75 per hour
  • There are no hidden costs. We work with fixed prices
  • We work with very talented (motion) designers, illustrators & video editors





How does the Custom Creatives Service work?

Direcly after logging into https://studio.contentstadium.com, a green button appears in the right corner of your screen.

1. Click on the green button.

2. A pop-up appears. Click ‘let’s begin’.

3. Pick the content type – image, animation or video – you’d like us to create. Then click ‘Next step’ to continue.

4. Select the channel/dimensions of the content you require.

5. Now please provide us with some extra instructions, so we are able to meet your expectations even better!

6. You’re almost finished! Please attach (a maximum of 5) examples of content you really like. This benchmark will help us to define the style (and creative person) you are looking for.

7. Last but not least: fill in some personal info, so we know where to contact you. Then click ‘Submit’ and it’s a wrap. We will now contact you within 24 hours (on working days) and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote & planning.

Check out the Custom Creatives Service yourself by clicking the button in the lobby, or contact our accountmanager if you have any questions. 


Team Content Stadium.