We are very happy to announce our latest feature: Link Sharing for LinkedIn. With this new feature, our users can share an existing article with a topical visual created in Content Stadium that matches their corporate identity.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

After the creation of the visual, go to “Publish” in the menu of your project.

Step 2

A popup appears where you can select the accounts you want to directly publish to. In this case is the first thing you have to do is click on the LinkedIn logo, secondly make a choice wheater you want to post on a personal LinkedIn page (select add Personal profile) or a company page (add Business page(s)). Thirdly, select or add the account(s) you want to publish to. Click next to proceed.

Step 3

Another popup appears where you can fill in the URL towards your article. After you’ve filled in the URL choose between “Publish now” -if you want to publish your content right away- or “Schedule” -if you want to schedule your post to a later predefined moment.


The picture below gives an indication of the result shown on your LinkedIn page.

Content Stadium generates a unique readmore URL for your article containing the image you created together with the original title and description we parsed from the article link.
Viewers that click the LinkedIn Post will be redirected to the article link you provided in Step 3.

We hope you enjoy this feature and … you know where to find us if you have any questions!


Team Content Stadium