Every month we select 5 of our favourite templates at the moments. We also give some insights in how these visuals/animations are build up.
These templates are this month’s picks (in random order):

Tennis Canada – Winner Template:

Two languages in one awesome animation for social media? No problem in Content Stadium!

LFP – Transfer Template:

The transfer season officially starts on July 1st. Hopefully we see a lot of transfers again in the Ligue 1, because the engagement and CTR on this transfer animation is sky high!

Rogers Cup – Quote template: 

When the client has a wide color palet in their guidelines, we make the best possible solution for it. They can play around and make a big variety of social media posts without being stuck with the same colours.

French Olympics – Medal template

The Olympic year is coming and the European Games already gave us the possibility to create the most flexible templates for our national commitees. Check out how much our French friends can do with this medal template.

Cercle Brugge – Line-up template 

Fast forward to the start of the new football competition. The new designs for our clubs are going to be daring, creative and *as always* easy to use.
Cercle Brugge is the best example for what’s coming.

How do you like these templates?! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to have more info about our templates!