Yes! Today we launched a great new feature: Scheduling. This means you can now schedule the posting of your content well in advance for Facebook. Twitter and Linkedin (with Instagram following soon).

We’ve tried to make scheduling as easy as possible, as always 🙂 Therefore, in 11 simple steps our new Scheduling feature explained.

The first 4 steps are business as usual:

1. Click on a template and start creating.

2. Once you’re creation is final, click on [Publish]

3. Select the Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin pages you want to publish your content to.

4. Type your post text (and add emoji’s if that’s your tone of voice)

The next 7 steps are the brand new Scheduling steps:

5. Click on the white/green [Schedule] button.

6. Select the date..

7. ..and the time..

7. ..and click on the blue [Schedule] button.

9. The Scheduling is being processed and after a few seconds your post has been scheduled.

10. You can now close your project, and check your scheduled post(s) by clicking the [Scheduled] button in the menu on the left side of the lobby.

11. You now get an overview of all your scheduled posts and you can chose to (a) do nothing, (b) publish them immediately, (c) delete them, or (d) reschedule them.

We hope it all makes sense and you will make a lot of use of this new feature!

If you are still having any troubles, or if you need more help: Please contact your account manager or send an email to

Thanks and have fun,

Team Content Stadium