The month of August usually signals the start of the upcoming Football season across Europe. These days it’s not just about the club’s performance on the pitch, but their performance off the pitch as well. Clubs are constantly looking for ways to transform their digital presence, set themselves apart from their competition, and give their fans the best opportunity to be on the front lines and engaged at all times. Many of these clubs are using Content Stadium’s templates to create their content on social media. Below are a selection of design and template trends our Football clients are using and can help you elevate your club’s game.

1. New ideas for lineups

A visual or animated line up can come in many different formats. For example; A list of players or a 2D pitch with different formations and player portraits. Or what about this original style from Club Brugge? The Belgian Club uses different color fonts to highlight its starting eleven in yellow, and its substitutions in grey.

The Ekstraklasa, the highest division in Polish Football, chose a typical angular design. A captivating detail in their design is that a part of the relevant logo is shown behind the player portraits.

FC Utrecht, a top tier team in the Dutch Eredivisie uses one of our brand-new features for their lineup template. They are able to highlight a player and provide relevant information about that player in a pop-up. Check out this really cool animation in the top 5 video’s.

2. Make it real, create depth

Creating depth in the design of visuals and animation is increasingly popular. Below are two examples, which serve as lineup templates as well.

The French Ligue 1-club Dijon FCO has a very special lineup template, with an innovative 3D pitch and nicely angled starting XI on top of it.

Saint-Etienne from the French Ligue 1 has a lineup list with a slanted angle. In combination with the shadow they create a cool program booklet idea.

3. The newest feature/trend in terms of colors

Theme color switches, color picker and color palettes have been key features within Content Stadium. We always aim to improve our platform, and add new features: Beerschot Wilrijk (Belgium) and VFL Wolfsburg use our new text specific color option within their templates. With these kind of templates they are able to give any part of the text a specific color. Making these template more flexible and creative.

Example of Beerschot Wilrijk:

VfL Wolfsburg:

4. Repeating texts in the background

Another trend we see with our Football clients is repeating text in the background of images. Type something on the foreground and that specific text automatically jumps in repeatedly to the background. This puts the immediate purpose of our graphic to the forefront for fans. The Olympique Marseille Head 2 Head image below is an example of how Content Stadium’s repeating text function can benefit your club. They type the white ‘Stats’ text and it automatically shows up transparant around it.

The French club also uses a Ranking template with the same kind of background proving how effective this feature really is.

5. Make things stand out with the glitch-option

To liven up your creation, it is now possible to have a glitch in an animation template. This means specific elements with the template will flash when running the animation. The matchday template of Toulouse is a perfect example. Check it out here.

6. Make pictures extra special with a vintage filter

For La Liga we integrated a new kind of photo filter. When using the filter slider, both the contrast of the photo and the blue fade upon it changes (lightens up or down). This way it’s possible to play around with one single photo and make it look really vintage/old-fashioned.

Filter off:

Filter on:

We hope these designs give you some inspiration for your upcoming social media content and/or templates in Content Stadium.

We wish all the football clubs, associations, and team members a successful upcoming season. Those of you that are already a Content Stadium Client, we send our highest regard and utmost thanks for your support.

Team Content Stadium