With all sports being cancelled due to COVID-19, sports organisations are under pressure to keep bringing engaging content on all channels.
Therefore, we as Content Stadium are offering our help by adding a Voting Template (in 3 sizes) to our clients’ account, for free. 
In this blog article we gathered inspiration which engaging topical and throwback content to use with this template. 


1. Throwback: Opinion posts

Fans like to give their view on everything. Give them some food for thoughts with these opinion posts. In these hard times it’s a good idea to make some throwback-posts. Don’t forget to ask the fans for extra explanation in the comments. 

a. Best transfer per year

A throwback of four big transfers in 2006. Fans can vote for their favourite transfer of that year. You can do this for every year if you want.

b. Best game ever 

You can ask your fans what their favourite game was ever or per decade. You can do this for one club, but also for a league or a federation. 

c. Best player of the decade 

Fans can vote for their favourite player of last decade. You can ask this for every position and every sport.

d. Best coach ever 

Who is the best coach ever in the Eredivisie? You can do this per league, per sport or per club. You can choose how many options you add.

e. Best match of the year

Fans can vote for their favourite match or tournament last year. For e.g. favourite grand slam. You can also ask this question for 10 years ago.

f. Favourite goal ever

Fans can choose their favourite goal ever of one specific player.

g. Best player ever in the league per country

You can ask your fans who their favourite Spanish player ever was in the Premier League or ask this for other nationalities in other leagues. Also possible for other sports. Best Dutch player ever? …

h. Favourite all-time duo

The fans can choose between three options to pick their favourite all-time duo. You can pick a duo per club or per league.

i. Retired players

These players retired in 2019. Who do you miss the most? You can choose how many players you put in the voting template. Useful for every sport. You can do this per club or per league.

j. Favourite final ever

You can choose between 4 legendary finals in the past. This is possible for every sport or you can also can do this per decade.

k. Best shirt ever

A question about design. Fans can vote for the best shirt ever.


2. Throwback: Quiz games 

Test the knowledge of your followers with these cool, easy-to-make quizzes. Engagement assured on al your channels!  

a. Guess the winner

A little quiz where the fans have to guess which club won the cup that year. There are so many different questions you can ask. Also possible to ask for individual sporters.

b. Guess their age

You can ask a question about players and fans have to guess who you think of. You can also use this for clubs and ask a detail about them.

c. Guess the wrong description

Four descriptions and the fans have top pick the wrong one.

d. Guess the exact score

Fans have to guess the score of last season or another season.

e. Guess the right player

You can ask a lot of questions. Who was the youngest/oldest when he scored the first goal, who retired most recently? …  Two options and the fans have to pick the right player.

f. Guess the wrong player

Fans have to pick the odd one in this list.

g. Guess the oldest team

Fans have to pick the oldest club out of three teams.

3. Recap content

Time to have a look back at the current season with some questions for the fans! 

a. Best player of the season 

Fans can vote for the rookie who made the best impression this season or another position/award.

b. Individual performance of the season 

Fans can choose for their favourite individual performance this season. You can use four clear options or add one empty box to pick another name.

c. Best transfer of the season

Four clear options where the fans can choose their favourite (winter)transfer of the season.

d. Best game of the season

Fans have to vote for the best game this season or last month.

e. Biggest disappointment of the season

Which team performed less good than expected this season?

f. Stats check game

Compare the current season’s stats and make a game out of it. Fans have to guess which player has the most number of assists this season. You can also ask other questions.