We are very excited to say we have launched our brand new feature within Content Stadium: Webhooks.

As you all know with Content Stadium it already was possible to publish your content directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But Webhooks is a step beyond that. With Webhooks we give you a powerful solution to send content – that was made in Content Stadium – directly to your website, app, blog, big screen or any other platform.

Publish everywhere, all automated

The major benefit for the user is that you don’t have to download your creations and upload it to your app, website or whatsoever manually anymore. With Webhooks it’s all automated now!

Where in Content Stadium do you find the Webhooks feature?

1. Once you made up a template, just click ‘Publish’ at the right top corner:

2. The fourth option is the Webhook button, and there it is:

Note to your development/engineering department

To make use of the Webhooks feature, your development department has to build a small script to capture the data to be able to send your Content Stadium creations directly to your endpoint (website, app, etcetera). Webhooks support two data formats: JSON or XML. Of course we could help you with the setup of Webhooks, so don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.

Get started!

Have you become curious and do you want to know more about the use of Webhooks and the pricing of this great feature? Please feel free to contact your account manager or send us an email: support@contentstadium.com.

Best regards and thank you for being our client,

Team Content Stadium